Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cross Kind of Love

     Jesus teaching me how to love my wife is one of the greatest things that has happened to me.  Paul mentioned by the holy ghost that if a man did not know how to keep his own family, what good would he be in the church.  The family is one of the first places that Jesus starts ministering His love, because if you can live His love at home, you should be able to live His love anywhere.  Praise the Lord.
     My dad in the faith, Pastor Robert Scales, has some of the greatest revelation on love than anyone I have ever heard.  He told us that "God is Love and Love is Jesus on the cross".  Think about that for a moment, let it sink deep into your spirit as you read about some of the most astounding words that Jesus said to me about His love.  One day the Lord asked me, "Do you think I FELT like loving people when I was on the cross?"  I said, "You couldn't have, Lord."  He said, "I didn't FEEL like loving anybody, I was in pain, but what did I give the people?"  I said, "You forgave them."  He said, " I gave them the Father's love."  Then He said, "Next time you feel like your wife, or someone is putting you on the cross (in how they treat you), I want you to only give them my love and forgiveness."  This absolutely blew my mind.  Everybody is always seeking the Lord on how to love people, well just look at the cross.  When they treat you wrong and it feels terrible, just don't let your feelings get in the way, just give them His love and kick how you feel out the window, because how you feel doesn't matter to Jesus one bit, He only want's you to live His love out.
     The new commandment (John 15:12) is the most important part of my life, and I choose to walk in His love no matter what anyone else does.  I pray that whoever reads this blog will come into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus and His love for us and others.  Be blessed in Jesus name.